Hi there, I’m Liz Christiansen! I am a multidisciplinary designer and artist focused on creating vibrant artwork and graphics across repeat patterns, mixed media, collage and digital design.

I am based in Australian based, working worldwide. I’m available for design and creative projects, collaborations, licensing and commissions and have artwork available for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing for pattern repeats or placement artwork and designs.

I’m looking to work, create and collaborate with like-minded brands and people who are passionate about what they do. I pride myself on making creative, versatile, visual design solutions and artwork that you will fall in love with and that is aligned with you and your brand.


Recently my work has been published in:

  • April-May-June 2023 – Issue 57, Uppercase Magazine. My work was featured as 1 of 100 designers selected worldwide to be featured in the 5th Surface Pattern Design Guide by Uppercase Magazine
  • December 2022 – issue 111, Frankie Magazine. My surface pattern design ‘Enveloping’ won the Frankie Magazine 2022 Good Stuff Award in the design category and I was announced as the winner with my artwork and interview featured in issue 111.
  • November 2022 – Pattern Pulse Volume 2. I was featured in Pattern Pulse Volume 2 by Rachael King – a book showcasing 100 Australian surface designers. My artwork was selected as 1 of 4 works selected for the front cover design.
  • May 2022 – Coollage: A Closer Look. I was featured as one of 100 collage artists in the book Coollage – published by the Tintinkillers and Komma in Netherlands.

About my work

I have a visual language of bold colour and graphic composition, developed from a unique combination of experience and inspiration – I have over 23 years diverse design experience working as a graphic and branding designer after graduating from university with a Bachelor of Design Studies.

My work is about the creative process and capturing movement – from discovering and research, sourcing inspiration, then creating intuitively infused with meaning and a hand-made, hand-drawn aesthetic. Combining my digital design skills with a love of collage, drawing, painting, ink and lettering – I am applying this combination of mixed media to bring artwork and repeat patterns to life.

I am inspired by colour, light and movement across natural and urban environments. Abstract shapes formed from energetic nature lines, textures and the interplay of moving light, shadows and colours within the shapes between objects in the landscape.

See more about my collage process below.

My extensive experience as a designer has resulted in decades of achieving successful client outcomes and collaborations – and exceptional digital design skills and knowledge on the creative and technical side of printing, production and technical processes.

I can develop supporting visual elements unique to your branding in the form of a repeat pattern and bold graphics to use across your print collateral (like stationery or packaging) or work with you on developing a repeat pattern for a surface design. If you are interested in chatting about a branding and logo design project with a pattern developed as a visual element contact me.

When I’m not designing and creating art, you can find me with my 3 children or on roller skates. I also work with silver, resin and other materials to design and make jewellery. I’m also a big believer in lifelong learning and love to expand my own skillset and share my expertise as a designer – I am passionate about design education and maintain a university sessional academic position within typography and print subjects. This challenges me to be a better designer by maintaining and sharing core design and typographic skills as well as keeping up to date with the design industry and software.

My design mantra is to create energetic, engaging and meaningful work and I love helping like-minded brands bring their products to life in a creative and uniquely visual way with surface pattern design and artwork. Contact me to see how we can work together.

Check out my showcase of design and artwork

Video and photo pictures by Aaron Shambrook

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I love working and collaborating with like-minded individuals and organisations and look forward to connecting with you.

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